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Join us for yoga workshops and retreats throughout Denbighshire.  All events are open to all levels. Beginners to yoga are welcome to join us, you will be given lots of options and instructions to keep you safe as your start your yoga journey.  If you have regular practice you will be given options to take your practice deeper.

Benefits of attending a Yoga Workshop or Retreat

Attending one of our Yoga workshops or retreats can improve one’s overall well-being through realigning the whole system and bringing about physical and mental balance.  This will leave you feeling free within your body from tightness, pain, stress and offers clarity of the mind.

It is always important to look after your mental and physical health, and even more important in these uncertain times. Yoga will help you to reduce stress, anxiety and switch off from the outside world .

I look forward to meeting you on the mats … or in the virtual world.


Upcoming Workshops & Retreats

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Workshops to Strengthen Body & Mind

Yoga Workshops to strengthen your body and mind.  Reduce stress, anxiety and pain. Throughout the workshop we focus on asanas (postures). This focus will improve your strength and flexibility, and reduce pain and stress.  We will also focus on alignment and the benefits of each asana.  There will also be the chance to discuss progression and ask questions.

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Contact Details

Yoga Works Rhyl at Million Hairs Beauty & Well-Being, 1 Windsor Street, Rhyl, Denbighshire, LL18 1BW

Phone: 07584 729582



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