Workshops Strengthen Body & Mind

Yoga workshops are excellent to help strengthen your body and mind. They also have the added benefit of reducing stress stress, anxiety and pain.

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Strenghten your Body

During the Yoga Workshop we will focus on asanas (postures). This will improve your strength, flexibility and help to reduce pain and stress.

We’ll also focus on alignment and the benefits of each asana, plus the opportunity to discuss progression and ask questions.

Muscle tightening can often be a cause pain. In yoga we can teach you how to strengthen the body and as a result stabilise the movement. Often misalignment and injuries can happen because there isn’t enough strength to stabilise the body. During the workshop you will learn how to align and stabilise your body the right way. Also you will learn  how to spread weight to keep the wrists healthy, working the arms, legs and upper body. You can go deeper into your strength and get even more out of your practice.

Strengthen your Mind

You will learn how meditation can help gain control over anxiety and stress and help you to remain calm and relaxed.

Master your emotions by understanding their powers. How we interact with our surroundings. Understand the message that each emotion tells you and boost your focus on daily challenges. Meditation has so many good benefits, for example, controlling anxiety, stress and improve attention. Yoga promotes emotional health, improves self awareness, reduces age-related memory loss and may help to fight against addictions.

Transform Your Strength Body and Mind

Transform your body by getting rid of pain, stress and also anxiety. Improve your range of motion and flexibility by enhancing all over body strength.

With the workshop you will acquire new tools to reduce the stress associated with negative thinking and gain new skills to reduce pain and prevent future injuries.

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Private Tuition

Private yoga tuition will help you to explore your yoga practice fully.  You will receive undivided attention from an experienced teacher.

Yoga was traditionally taught one-to-one. The ancient yoga gurus understood the importance of tailoring each yoga experience; this allows for the needs of each person to be met fully.

Yoga Workshops

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