Private Tuition

Why not start your journey into yoga today with private tuition!  Enjoy your private tuition inside the comfort of your home, or a beautiful natural space by the ocean, the choice is yours.

Private yoga tuition gives you the chance to explore yoga practice fully.  You will receive the undivided attention of an experienced teacher to help guide your through your learning.

Yoga was traditionally taught one-to-one.  The ancient yoga gurus understood the importance of tailoring each yoga experience.   This allowed for the needs of each student to be met.  Group classes are excellent and they also help to create a strong sense of community.  Group yoga is more affordable, however in a group class it’s more difficult to deliver an individual session.

Private Tuition Sessons

Fees start from £30.00 per hour, depending on location and how many classes are booked.

Private Tuition can be held at our studio, in your home or another venue, for example, on the beach.

(There will be an additional charge of £5.00 for travelling to venues outside a 10 mile radius, and for every additional 10 miles.)

Yoga will bring you light.

Invest in your Practice

A Private session allows for a more intimate view into your practice.  We have the opportunity to start a new practice therefore deepening your practice.  Maybe you would like to spend some time working on a injury or specific goal.  Taking a one-off, or a series of, private yoga sessions, is an investment for your personal growth, development and health.

Private classes ensure you get the most from your yoga practice as  lessons are tailored to your needs. One-to-one private tuition yoga is invaluable in helping you start or advance your yoga practice.  Maybe you are recovering from an injury or  perhaps have a physical limitation.  You will be supported and receive a follow-up telephone call.

Private yoga lessons are suitable for practitioners of all levels from the complete beginner to the experienced yogi.  

Private Tuition
Yoga Private Tuition
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Workshops to Strengthen Body & Mind

Workshops to strengthen your body and mind.  Reduce stress, anxiety and pain.  Throughout the workshop we will focus on asanas (postures).  These will improve your strength and flexibility, and reduce pain and stress.  We’ll also focus on alignment and the benefits of each asana plus the opportunity to discuss progression and ask questions.

Private Tuition

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