Massage Therapy

Therapeutic and sports massage 

Therapeutic, Sports and Spa Massage

We provide popular and proven massage therapies to help you relax, recover or rejuvinate.

Massage treatments can be provided in our salon or in your home or workplace.

Read on for full details of the massage treatments available.

Swedish Massage

A stress and anxiety reducing massage to ease tense muscles and improve sluggish circulation and muscle tone, and aiding lymphatic waste disposal.

The movements warm up the muscle tissue to release tension and gradually break-up muscle knots.


Indian Head Massage

An ancient Indian treatment dating back 5000 years which will release tension from the head, neck, back and shoulders particularly effective for the treatment of migraines, sinusitis, fatigue, insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.

This wonderful relaxing treatment is carried out seated and does not require the removal of clothes, oils are also optional so can be the ideal pick-me up during your lunch break. You will leave feeling calm, deeply relaxed, rejuvenated and able to concentrate more effectively.


Hot Stones Massage combined with Aromatherapy Oils

A sedative treatment six times more effective than a regular massage; a deeply relaxing and detoxifying treatment.  Hot Stones and Aromatherapy Oils combine to affect the physical and emotional; it is deeply relaxing and soothing, working to alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as improving mood. Float away!


Sports Massage

A deep tissue therapeutic massage suited to those who undertake sports, the keep-fitter, jogger or cyclist. It is effective before sports to warm up the body and release tension and to improve flexibility in order to reduce the chance of injury. After a sporting session the massage releases tension that has accumulated in the soft tissues to ease and speed up the recovery process.

Using techniques such as palpating, cross fibre friction, stretching to break down scar tissue, cupping and hacking a Sports Massage relaxes the muscles, improves flexibility, the circulatory system and the nervous system and reduces soreness from over exertion and lowers blood pressure.

Sports Massage combined with Hot Stones

A warrior massage deeply detoxifying and relaxing. The volcanic stones warm up muscles quickly to reduce pain and give your sore tight muscles the ultimate treat – and they will thank you for it!


Organic Spa Facials

An organic and cruelty-free facial which is deeply detoxifying, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant … and bursting with nutrients. This indulgent treatment begins with a facial cleanse and hot towels followed by exfoliation, toning and a facial massage before applying a facial mask leaving your skin feeling younger and glowing, with reduced fine lines and plumper looking skin. Also available for younger problematic skin with anti-inflammatory products and light therapy to reduce acne and scarring.


Top-to-Toe Massage and Facial

The ultimate in relaxation and pampering! A 90-minute full body massage to totally soothe, ease and relax followed by a luxury organic express facial. Boost feelings of well-being, relaxation and reduce stress with massage therapy.



A gentle relaxing therapy involving the massaging of specific reflex points on the feet to encourage the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance – to self heal. Alleviating ailments such as depression, headache and migraines, digestive disorders and excellent for restoring balance physically and mentally.


Happy Feet

The ultimate foot and leg rescue which works to warm up the muscles in the legs and the feet with a massage followed by a foot spa and exfoliating foot and leg scrub finished off with reflexology. Leaving you feeling like you are walking on air.


Workshops to Strengthen Body & Mind

Throughout the workshop we focus on asanas (postures). These improve your strength and flexibility and reduce pain and stress. We also focus on alignment and the benefits of each asana.  You will have the opportunity to discover, progress and ask questions.


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