Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga in Denbighshire for your office and workplace

A much-needed respite in a busy week, corporate yoga classes and mindfulness sessions at work can effectively reduce stress.  Also relieving tension, sore muscles preventing repetitive injuries and recharging batteries.  After the class your employees will feel happier, healthier, energised and refreshed.

My main focus is on mental and physical health, teaching your employees wellness techniques.  These new skills can be used regularly in order to reduce stress and improve energy levels.

Back problems and stress are the two biggest reasons for absenteeism in the UK.  Corporate Yoga and Wellbeing classes inside the work place can help to tackle this, therefore improving productivity.

I work with organisations of all sizes to develop tailor-made yoga and mindfulness sessions that deliver actual results.

Enjoy weekly or lunchtime sessions that are accessible for people of all levels of experience, which include a combination of yoga and mindfulness, postures, and breath work .