About Me

Hi! I’m Debbie, a yoga teacher and fitness trainer with a passion for helping clients reach their goals.

I have been an holistic therapist for over 20 years, and three years ago I branched out and became a qualified yoga teacher, which had always been an interest of mine.

My experience as a yoga teacher and getting to know my clients soon informed me that each client has different needs and different goals for following their yoga path. These can range from increasing fitness and flexibility to reducing pain and enhancing wellbeing. I have experience of working with clients of all ages and abilities and this is what I love about the job – getting to know individuals and what works for them.

My love of yoga has also recently extended into fitness training and I am a qualified fitness trainer level 4.

I’d love you to let me help you create a personal, bespoke tailored fitness programme that suits your needs and timetable, or why not join one of my classes and let me help you improve your fitness levels.